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Item Number: PCCAT1

Postcard Title: "I'd Like To Be Somebody's Pet"

Publisher/Series: Not indicated

Description: Black and white photo of "Black Beauty"

Condition: Gold foil well worn, corners worn

Postmark: 1910

Price: 4.00

Item Number: PCCAT2

Postcard Title: "I'd Like To Be Somebody's Pet!"


Description: The name of this cat is Black Beauty!

Condition: Worn corners, gold trim is worn.

Postmark: 1910

Price: 5.00


Item Number: PCCAT3

Postcard Title: n/a

Publisher/Series: n/a

Description: This card looks like it's handpainted!

Condition: Surface soiling, very thick bevelled paper is splitting but not noticeable from front.

Postmark: 1914 (we THINK, it's unclear)

Price: 11.00

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